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You’ve got them weekday blues
Dirt on your redwing boots
You got your ex’s name covered with a new tattoo
You’ve got that rubber band stack
Just got your paycheck cash
And if you’re broke, don’t you sweat it, man I got your back

Sometimes big feelings fit into very small songs. Without pomp and drama, without theatrics and bombast. To be honest, the big moments are most likely to arise when you are completely alone with yourself, an arrangement with plenty of space for nuances and half-sung. “Walkin ‘Away” is again an example of exactly this thesis.
VAN DE FORST puts her voice very quietly, but so particularly effectively on a bed made of longingly complaining steel guitar, piano and reduced milestones in the song-setting drums. A few, tastefully arranged ingredients create a ballad that could have transported a lot directly into the heart of the listener even without a text.