Age restrictions / Parents

Visitors under the age of 16 may only go to the ‘C2C Country to Country Festival’ in the company of a person responsible for the upbringing of education or person-dependent persons. The accompaniment must also have a valid ticket and the Verti Music Hall must be entered together. Custodial persons (e.g. the parents) of a child or young person have the option of designating a person with parental power, who will accompany and supervise their minor child during and after the event. Details about the protection of minors and forms for download can be found here: https://www.verti-music-hall.de/en/the-music-hall/age-restrictions

Hearing protection for children is recommended.

If you lose your child in the venue, please approach security at the entrance of the Verti Music Hall.

Barrier-free access

Barrier-free access
The Verti Music Hall is barrier-free and therefore handicapped accessible. Wheelchair users or people with walking difficulties will be provided with an optimal infrastructure so that they can fully enjoy the visit.

The access for all visitors is directly at the ‘Mercedes Platz’. Wheelchair users can use the door on the far left of the Premium entrance.

Both in the underground car park below the ‘Mercedes Platz’ (underground car park ‘Parkhaus Plaza’) and in the parking garage of the Mercedes-Benz Arena (parking garage ‘Parkhaus Arena’) there are numerous parking spaces for handicapped people.

From a degree of disability of 70% or more for handicapped vehicles with badge (blue), the use of the parking spaces at events in the Verti Music Hall is free of charge. All other users pay the regular hourly rate. Please have your disability card ready at the entrance.

Wheel chair places
Wheelchairs are available on the 2nd floor (premium area) and in the upper level.

Behinderten-WCs finden sich im 1. OG wie auch im Premium Bereich (2. OG) und im Oberrang (3. OG).

Cloak room / bag storage

Cloak room
The cloak rooms are located directly in the entrance area. The cloak rooms cost 2 EUR per piece. Please note that bags larger than DIN A4 (21 x 29,7cm) are not allowed and must be handed over in front of the hall for bag storage.

Bag storage
There is a 5 EUR charge for storing oversized bags and backpacks. This serves 100% of the cost recovery. Any surpluses are supplied to charitable purposes.
Alternative lockers for storage are at the nearby subway station ‘Ostbahnhof’.

Food & Bevarages

Food and drinks are not allowed to be taken into the Verti Music Hall.
Exceptions apply only to visitors who have to carry certain food and / or drinks with them due to illness. In this case you will need a medical certificate or identity card. The catering of babies and toddlers is also excluded from the ban.


C2C – Country to Country as well as artist merchandise will be available at the Townsquare. Caution: ONLY CASH PAYMENT possible!

Payment options / ATM (EC cash machines)

Cash, EC cards and credit cards are accepted at all cash registers and guest outlets – with no minimum sales. In addition you can pay contactless.
A cash machine of the ‘Berliner Sparkasse’ is also nearby right at the main entrance to the Mercedes-Benz Arena.
At the merchandise booth on the Townsquare you can only pay in cash!

Smoking / e-cigarettes

Smoking is strictly prohibited at Verti Music Hall, but there is a large terrace where smoking is allowed. This also applies to e-cigarettes.

Safety instructions and prohibited items

For the safety of all additional safety and preventive measures are required. We therefore ask for your support and understanding that longer waiting times for admission may be unavoidable due to increased controls and call for you to visit the venue early.

Please leave backpacks, handbags larger than A4 as well as larger items of all kinds (for example umbrellas) at home or in your car! Notebooks, tablets, professional cameras or other devices for audio and video recordings are also prohibited. Food, drinks, glass bottles and cans are not allowed on the premises.

This should support and speed up the control measures. A restriction to cell phones, keys and purses makes it easier for law enforcement to do their job. Thank you for your understanding!


Taxi Funk: 030 44 33 22
Funk Taxi: 030 26 10 26
SpeedCab: 030 41 40 40
Würfelfunk: 030 21 01 01

Power stations (for smartphones)

Connections on all pillars and counters in the public area.
In the Verti Fun Box (2. OG) there are 6 areas of cables to recharge as well.

Lost & Found

Please talk to security at the entrance of the Verti Music Hall.