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In Bennys Kneipe, ihr feiert irgendwas, ich wünscht’ ich wär dabei.
Ihr sitzt bestimmt an der Bar wie immer, mit Mexicana auf Eis.
Paar Mädels aus der Gegend, man kennt sich, Hallo.
Ich weiß ihr haltet meinen Platz frei und diskutiert übern FC Gütersloh

From the german mountains to the whole world! Nik Wallner combines his true homebase-love with an world-opened orientation. Nik’s joy and handmade music conveys the sounds and vibe from Nashville because he is in his music and the instrumentalization and live performance. Nik became known throughout Germany at The Voice of Germany, where they fought their way through the “knockouts” and ensured millions of clicks on all social media channels. After all the hustle and bustle of the media, however, Nik likes to concentrate on the essentials and is delighted with his charming and intelligent texts, to play on the stages and to offer his fans an ultimate musical experience – full of heart, feeling and a down-to-earth country attitude.