Matt Schuster, an emerging Country talent signed to Warner Music Nashville, embodies a unique blend of nostalgia for a bygone era and a visionary drive for the future. Hailing from the heart of small-town Southern Illinois, Schuster’s artistry resonates with the warmth of classic rock and the invigorating ambition of modern pop, redefining the sonic landscape of Nashville and beyond. Bold, effortlessly soulful and so undeniably invigorating it can stop you in your tracks, he calls his style a smooth-yet-electrifying vision of new school “Country rock”. Releasing the “Back Road Covers” EP in 2022, tracks like “Vienna” (Billy Joel) and “Ophelia” (Lumineers) pulled double duty, both setting his creative heading and showcasing a dynamic powerhouse of a vocal. Those two songs alone racked up 40M+ streams. Now, his first fully produced batch of major label music arrives. With vocal lightning arcing across each verse and chorus, a wild (almost feral) energy flows through complex Country grooves in a dense, dynamic flow, as barely contained emotions take listeners right to the edge of heartbreak and joy. His debut single “Tell Me Tennessee” seamlessly blends the pulsating energy of heartland rock with evocative storytelling, creating a narrative that resonates deeply with audiences. Meanwhile, his new single “Last Fall” pushes Schuster further out into no-man’s land, mixing vivid lyrics and poetic imagery with the epic electricity powering his revived Country-rock vision. As he tours with the likes of Kameron Marlowe, Dylan Scott, Ashley Cooke and Brantley Gilbert, and over 140M+ global artist streams to his name, Schuster aims to prove his staying power in the genre.