Fancy Hagood has one of country music’s most expressive and agile voices, a fearless sense of storytelling, undeniable charisma, a strong artistic identity, and a support system packed with some of music’s biggest stars. He’s also one of Nashville’s most prominent and trailblazing Queer artists. Hagood showcases his courageous creativity and individuality in his new single “Southern Sound” – the follow-up to his 2021 debut album Southern Curiosity “Southern Sound” piques interest with its layered melodic production and raw, compelling narrative. Hagood’s emotional vocal performance tips the track over the edge. The combination creates a sonic mini movie that follows a young couple as they brave adversity in hopes of building a future together. In addition to his music, Hagood is the host of Apple Radios highly successful Trailblazers Radio. The show celebrates groundbreaking artists and sounds that shape – and challenge – country music. He has interviewed some of the biggest names in music. Unbridled by creative boundaries, Hagood is a glittering voice for a new generation of music fans, country and beyond.